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Welcome to K9COLA's Web site! We are the group that advocates for off-leash dog parks in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, metro area and we spearhead many activities and improvements for the parks. Cheyenne Park Off-Leash Area is a well-established park we have enjoyed for many years; K9 Acres Off-Leash Area opened in 2013. (See maps of the parks).

Cheyenne Off-Leash Park is open as of Tuesday, November 8th! Thanks to the work of our volunteers and board members the debris has been removed and the City was able to repair the fences. Help us share in the celebration of the reopening of Cheyenne Off-Leash Area on social media. Snap some photos of your best bud romping around Cheyenne and share on Facebook or on our Twitter account. You can post to our page or tag us in the text on Facebook. On Twitter we're @K9_COLA, or simply include hashtag #k9cola in either platform. You can also tag the City of Cedar Rapids in your posts to thank them for the work the Parks and Recreation workers put in and recognize the volunteers who took time to help would be appreciated.

"A Dog'sLife" in the August 2015 issue of Our City magazine.

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Park permits are now sold at two Parks and Recreation locations. Click here for more information.

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See amazing pictures of dogs and people frolicking at K9Splash! 2015. More than 600 dogs and their owners enjoyed the event and some 150 volunteers helped us carry it off. Here is more information about K9Splash!.

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