Park Etiquette


  • Childen are the responsibility of their parents. Please make sure that children act responsibly and provide them with adequate supervision for their safety. K9COLA does not recommend that young children enter the park.
  • Ask other owners before letting your dog join theirs in play. Some dogs are more interested in group play than others and some have established group dynamics.
  • Don't let your dog jump on other park visitors. Even a friendly dog can knock over a fragile or young person.
  • Prong collars, choke and studded collars can cause injury to your dog or other dogs in the off-leash setting and should not be worn in the park.
  • When playing fetch or Frisbee, keep moving. Do not wear out grass by standing in the same spot. If you see worn turf, try another spot until it heals.
  • The park does not have lights, so it closes at dark.
  • If it does not belong (poop, trash, etc.), please pick it up even if it is not yours. This will help keep our park clean and safe for everyone!
  • Benches and shelters are available throughout the park. Enjoy them, but make sure you pay attention to your dog.
  • Any dog found wandering without an owner will be hooked up in a designated spot in the Entry Area for owner to come back for it.
  • Do not let your dog go over or under the fence, as we want to be good neighbors to the farms, BMX track, and rugby field nearby.
  • Please report any gaps or troublesome areas you spot in the fence. You may contact the Parks Office at 319-288-5760 or K9COLA as listed on the Contact Us page.
  • Our parks will be closed and taken away from us if they become dirty or aren't maintained. Please help out by reminding others to clean up after themselves and their dogs!
  • Owners should work out disagreements with common sense and courtesy, and try to keep an open mind. Owners and dogs all have varying degrees of experience with other dogs. Please have patience when dealing with one another.