What's Wrong with Prong Collars? And What's Up with Leashes?


Prong, choke, and training collars pose BIG problems for dogs in the Park. There have been many incidents reported around the country of dogs being injured or even killed when wearing these collars. When dogs play, they use their teeth. It's very easy for a dog's teeth to become entangled in these types of collars. The dog who is caught cannot get itself loose and panics; the dog whose collar is being pulled is likely to twist in its efforts to escape and can easily choke to death before humans can intercede to help.

Once you are inside the fenced area of the Main Park, you should remove your dog's leash. If you expect your dog to be leashed when all the other dogs in the Park are loose, you are putting it in a very stressful situation. It is not able to meet and greet dogs in the way that is most comfortable. It is being restrained while other dogs approach it, circle it, sniff it. Your dog is much more likely to act in a way that may seem fearful or even aggressive if it is restrained and unable to respond to the approaches of other dogs in a relaxed manner. If you are unsure about getting your dog to come back to you, please use the Training Yard until you are more confident of its recall.