Why Can't My Puppy Get a Permit?


Owners cannot buy permits for dogs under three months of age. The park is for dogs with all their vaccinations, and this is not usually possible until a dog is six months old. However, if you discuss it with your vet and he or she feels your puppy’s Rabies and Parvo/Distemper vaccinations provide full coverage, you may get a permit for a puppy three to six months old.

This should be a great advantage for dogs at that critical socialization age: they’ll have the chance to learn positive dog-dog interaction. However, dogs under six months old are not likely to be under voice control of their owners, or to have good recalls in the Main Park, so you may want to stay in the training yard with younger pups and invite friendly dogs in to socialize with them. It's important that puppies in this younger age range have all or almost all positive interactions (some things may frighten a puppy even if they aren't "dangerous"), so owners need to choose playmates carefully.

In addition, because kennel cough (Bordatella) may be more serious in puppies, that vaccination is recommended (if your vet agrees) for younger puppies using the Park.