K9COLA Board Goals

Board Goals for 2013 

Site Committee

  • Hold three recall test sessions
  • Identify the new projects for each park and present to board (Q1)
  • Hold two cleanup days at Cheyenne and one at the new park

Fundraising Committee 

  • Raise at least $16,545 in funds
  • K9COLA’s 4th Annual Wine for Good Cause!
    Increase Revenue 10% over 2012 to $1853.5
    Increase Attendance by 10% (65 people)
  • Complete two grant applications
  • Encourage a year-end campaign

Volunteer Committee

  • Accurately track volunteer hours (including K9Splash!)
  • Report volunteer hours to the City quarterly
  • Rebuild our group of core volunteers (20 people active)

Public Education/Social Media Committee 

  • Participate in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Host Grand Opening for new off-leash area
  • Host 15 information table
  • Work with organizations to complete projects for park & to gain volunteers
  • Maintain K9COLA’s social media presence and explore new venues
    Grow Facebook likes by 25% or 111 people
    Create and promote a Facebook event for each K9COLA activity

K9Splash! Committee

  • Host K9Splash! 2013
    Increase revenue by 10%
    Increase sponsorships 10% over 2011
    Increase attendance by 30% to 660 dogs


  • Create a budget for 2014
    Work towards minimizing expenses
  • Complete 2014 goals and present at January board meeting
    Monitor progress of goals at least every other month
  • Provide support to committee chairs as required

At-large directors should assist committees and officers as needs require.