The Parks and How to Use Them


The Off-Leash areas (OLA) have four sections: entry, training, small dog, and main yards.

Entry: Dogs should be on-leash in this area. This is the gravel area intended as a meeting point, information center, and a place where you can wait for classes or time in the training yard.

The Training Yard: Do not enter this area if there is a dog in the yard already, unless the owner gives you permission! Individual training time is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If people are waiting, there is a 20-minute limit on use of this area. This is the ideal location to play or train if your dog does not come when called or hasn't had a lot of socialization in the past. This space can be reserved (contact Ambroz Recreation Center at 319-286-5731 if interested in reserving the space).

The Small Dog Yard: This space is for dogs that are 15 inches or less at the shoulder (dogs that might be injured during play with larger dogs in the Main Park).

The Main Park: These acres are entirely fenced. There is a path around the perimeter of the park. Keep your eye on your dog and call it back occasionally to make sure it will come when called. This is a large park and it may take time to catch a dog if you lose sight of it.

** All dogs should be unleashed in the training yard, the small dog area, and the main park.