Trash Pick-Up Information, Schedule & Volunteers


Park trash is picked up by volunteers and we always need people to help with this job! Please help keep our Park clean and welcoming by offering your services for a week!

Trash collection volunteers at Cheyenne Park should know: 

  • The bench with the extra bags and the cart have been moved out of the training yard into the planter area behind the small bulletin board. When you notice that you are getting low on the black trash bags or rolls of the blue poop bags, please email Steve at  to let him know. The city provides those for us and Steve has extras when needed. 
  • Also, there are now 6 trash cans that will need to be checked and emptied. One is in the training yard, one by the gate to the small dog yard, one in the entry area alley way, and three in the main yard. If a can only has a little in it let it go till the next time. It works best if you can get these changed when they are only half full. A full bags weighs a lot! Use the cart to haul the bags from the yards to the dumpster. 
  • All the trash cans are hanging from yellow posts. When you go into the main yard you will see a yellow post with two cans on it where the trail goes to the left. The other can is straight ahead where there are two benches. There is also a poop bag holder there that takes the rolls of blue poop bags. This will need to be kept filled too. Steve will soon be installing more poop bag holders that will need to be checked and filled when needed. It is okay to use Hy Vee type bags but would like to use mostly the rolls of the blue bags. There are 400 bags on one roll and we can get two rolls in each bag holder, which is 800 bags. That will last much longer the putting Hy Vee type bags in the holders. You can usually only get about 25-30 of those type bags in at a time.
Please consider volunteering to do this on a weekend; if you'd like to take the same weekend each month, or in alternating months, just let Jill  (, the volunteer coordinator, know. When the weather is cold, once a week is enough, but the trash needs to be emptied twice a week during warm weather months (notably May-September) because of the smell -- the can will also get very full and heavy during these months when the Park is heavily used if it's not emptied mid-week. Consequently, if you can volunteer for mid-week pick-ups during the warmer months, that's greatly appreciated!

If you've volunteered to do the trash, but are unable to fulfill your obligation, contact Jill at

Thanks for your help and support of the Park!