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Off-Leash Dog Parks

Cheyenne and K9 Acres Off-Leash Dog Parks offer space where owners and their dogs can play, train, and exercise together without the dogs being leashed.

Cheyenne Off-Leash Dog Park

Cheyenne is located on the south side of Cedar Rapids near the Cedar River.

K9 Acres Off-Leash Dog Park

K9 Acres is located on the east side of Cedar Rapids in Wanatee Park.

Off-Leash Dog Parks Make a Big Difference

No Leash!

Some dogs walk nice, others pull on the leash. This gives them, and you, the freedom of movment.

It Gives Your Dog A Break

Walking the same path is boring. This gives Fido a chance to smell all the smells. It also gets YOU out of the house.

Watch Your Dog Play

Watching your dog play with other dogs makes you happy, and why not bring a smile on your dog's face too!

It's Great for Socializing

When dogs get plenty of exercise, humans notice a decrease in the level of mischievous behavior. A tired dog is a good dog.

Our Events


August 5-6, 2023 10:00 aM – 4:00 pM (10:00-11:00 is for small dogs only, less than 15” from the top of their head) Bever Park

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SaPaDaPaSo Parade dog with costume

SaPaDaPaSo Parade

Dress yourself up and your four-legged friend and join our group as we participate in a walking float to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day maneuvering throughout

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Before you go...

Don't forget your permit

Permits or daily passes are required for all dogs using the off-leash parks.

Yorkie with it's ball playing