About Us

Who is k9COLA and what do we do?

K9COLA, Citizens for Off-Leash Areas, is a non-profit corporation which supports and promotes safe off-leash areas in and around Cedar Rapids and Marion, Iowa. Since 2001, we’ve been helping dogs and dog owners enjoy the experience of off-leash parks and dog friendly activities.

We support two off-leash dog parks, Cheyenne Off-Leash Dog Park and K9 Acres Off-Leash Dog Park. We are active in our community and are excited about promoting a healthy and safe environment for dogs and dog owners.

We believe… that responsible community planning includes provisions for off-leash areas and that the existence of these areas benefits the community as a whole.

We advocate… for the development of off-leash areas in the city and county, not to replace, but in addition to existing access to public spaces.

We educate… the community about off-leash areas and their benefits.

We educate… dog owners about dog training and behavior to promote responsible dog ownership.

We partner… with the city of Cedar Rapids to make off-leash areas safe, clean, and fun.

We volunteer… to enhance, develop and maintain the Cheyenne Park Off-Leash Area.

We support… various events, dog rescue groups, and other non-profit organizations, for the purpose of educating the general public about the benefits of dog ownership and companionship and for the encouragement of family pet ownership.

We raisefunds to accomplish our K9COLA Core Values and we use these funds responsibly.